A Toothache Needs Timely Professional Treatment

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A gradually worsening toothache or a sense of discomfort or pressure in the underlying gums can certainly be distressing. Left untreated a problem like this could eventually lead to tooth loss as well as other oral health complications.

If you are experiencing a problem such as this, it’s best to have the tooth examined by a dentist like Dr. Jared Hill before it worsens. After he has assessed the nature and severity of the problem he will present you with the most viable treatment strategy.

In a case where the pulp or root of the tooth has been affected he may need to perform a root canal to excise any within the tooth. The treatment process also includes removing the tooth’s enamel layer.

Once this is done he may use a special material known as gutta percha to prepare an abutment. The small post will effectively serve as an anchor point for an eventual dental crown.

After the it has been created our dentist will cement the dental crown onto the prepared abutment with a special type of dental adhesive to restore the physical presence and function of the tooth.

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