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If snoring and sleep apnea are keeping you or your partner awake, please call us today to learn about how our dentists can help! Drs. Hill and Hill offer a variety of snoring and sleep apnea treatments in Orem, Utah, including mouth guards and night guards. We welcome you to call Hill Family Dental today at 801-225-7110 and begin your journey back to restful, peaceful nights.

As many of us know, snoring can alter the lives and sleep quality of many individuals. We usually think of the poor spouse who cannot sleep due to the noise associated with her loved one’s snoring. What many of don’t know is that the snoring is more often than not associated with poor oxygen flow to the person snoring. This condition is know as Obstructive Sleep Apnea or OSA. Apnea means a cessation of breathing. You are actually suffocating when this happens. As you know, oxygen is vital to our body and without it, even for short periods of time can cause serious consequences.