Dentures for Better Tooth and Gum Care

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Did you know that dentures are one of the most popular and extensive methods of tooth replacement? Dentures enable us to easily and effectively replace missing teeth with a natural-looking appliance that attaches to your gums.

– If needed, you can receive partial dentures to replace a single tooth or a few teeth in a row, or receive complete dentures, which are crafted to replace a full row of teeth.

– Dentures are easy and safe to remove each night to be easily cleaned and to give your smile a break while you sleep.

– Dentures can be custom designed to meet your smile needs.

– If a missing tooth goes unaddressed, the gap can allow your nearby teeth to shift around in your gums, but dentures can bring stabilization to your gums to prevent the other teeth from shifting out of their positions.

– Dentures fill out your facial structures, helping to enhance your facial profile so that it appears younger and healthier looking.

To learn more about the benefits of dentures and whether you would do well to receive dentures in Orem, Utah, give Hill Family Dental a call at 801-225-7110 today to schedule an appointment with our dentists, Drs. Jared Hill and Jerel Hill.