Do You Know If You Have a Damaged Tooth and What to Do?

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If you have a cracked or damaged tooth that needs repairing, our team is here to help! We know that with the right treatment, you can get back to your daily routine without the worries of a damaged smile interrupting your day. Who wants a damaged tooth to prevent keep you from eating a favorite holiday food or drinking your favorite hot chocolate this upcoming season?

You will know there is a dental issue when you have pain chewing or discomfort when you eat or drink something very hot or cold. Sometimes you don’t know when there is damage to your teeth when the damage is underneath the surface. You typically only notice a problem when you experience pain or discomfort. This is why it’s important to attend your biannual dentist appointment.

Different types of damaged teeth we see include:

– Cracked tooth: This common type of damage extends from the surface down towards the base of the tooth. It can sometimes extend beyond the gum line and damage the tooth root. If it is not treated right away, it can cause extensive damage.

– Split tooth: If a cracked tooth is not treated, it can result in a split tooth, which also extends beyond the gum line down to the root. The extent of the split will determine the course of treatment and whether it can be saved.

– Vertical root fracture: This damage starts at the bottom of the root going up towards the main part of the tooth. Usually it isn’t seen and this can result in tooth loss.

– Fractured cusp: The cusp is just on the outer surface of the tooth and occurs when it is weakened, resulting in a fracture.

– Craze lines: When tiny cracks are found on the outer enamel they are called “craze lines” which are typically harmless. These can usually just be filled in.

– Infections: The result of this damage can sometimes be treated by a dentist, but if it damages the internal structure of the tooth you will need an endodontist.

Some different treatments we may consider when looking at repairing your tooth include:

– Root canal therapy: One of the most common treatments for damaged or infected teeth, root canal therapy has gotten a bad rap in the past. But with today’s advanced technologies, you can receive this treatment with little to no pain. A root canal eliminates the infection and replaces the pulp inside the tooth after the area has been cleaned, disinfected and sealed. Root canals are effective for treating cracked teeth.

– Endodontic surgery: If you have a vertical root fracture, the tooth can be saved by removing the fractured part of the tooth.

– Endodontic retreatment: A split tooth may be saved with endodontic retreatment by trying to save part of the tooth.

– Dental crowns: A crown will be placed after treatment and it can be placed after fixing a fractured cusp.

– Tooth extraction: Sometimes a tooth is beyond saving and needs to be removed and replaced with a dental implant and crown.

If you have an avulsed tooth, or knocked out tooth, you should seek dental attention immediately. It will usually be splinted back in place and will most likely need a root canal treatment at second appointment.

Our dental professionals want you to have your healthiest and whole smile, and we will be sure to help you feel comfortable here in our office. If you have any questions or concerns about your teeth, please feel free to give our team a call. We can set up an appointment for your smile to be repaired today!