Foods to Stock Up On After a Tooth Extraction

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If you, a child, sibling or spouse are getting ready to have a tooth extraction, you almost certainly will want to know what foods to stock up on and what foods to avoid for a few days. As you might have guessed, soft foods are the right choice. Here are some examples:

Smoothies: Mix some fresh fruit like strawberries, mangoes or bananas with some yogurt or kefir in a blender. The latter will provide your teeth with calcium and probiotics and even a little protein. For that extra “full” feeling, add some protein powder. The dairy and protein will help the fruit to be less acidic so that they are less likely to irritate the extraction site or your tooth enamel.

Ice Cream: Unless your teeth are especially sensitive, ice cream or frozen yogurt is an attractive choice, and this may be the only time that your dentist suggests that you eat something so sweet. Its soft quality won’t disturb the extraction site and its cold temperature may even help diminish and appease inflammation. Soft serve is best. Avoid any crunchy mix-ins or using an ice cream cone, as these can aggravate your gums.

Eggs: Whether they are scrambled, over easy, or sunny side up, eggs are a great way to get some satisfying protein into your diet without the tough wear and tear of meat. Hard-boiled eggs might be a bit too rough on your gums.

As for foods to avoid, stay away from spicy, crunchy and acidic foods, which can irritate your mouth. Do not drink your smoothies or liquids with a straw, as the sucking motion can increase your risk of developing dry socket, a condition wherein the blood clot over the extraction site becomes dislodged.

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