Have You Considered Dental Implants to Help You Restore Your Smile?

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Has your smile confidence suffered because you have lost teeth? If so, you are not alone. At Hill Family Dental, we have helped our patients with missing teeth restore their confidence in addition to their oral health with the help of durable and aesthetically pleasing dental implants.

With dental implants, your dentist surgically implants a titanium post, effectively replicating a tooth root into the jawbone under your gum line. This implant gives you a strong foundation for replacement teeth or a dental bridge. Dental implants also offer you the following:

-Successfully mimic your natural teeth as well as preserve a youthful appearance because they maintain your facial profile.

-Successfully preserve jawbone structure which normally deteriorates when healthy teeth are lost. Implants also prevent your surrounding teeth from shifting out of place effectively stabilizing your gums.

-Since your dental implant is securely mounted into the jawbone, you will benefit from a long-lasting, durable hold even when you eat your favorite, hard to chew foods, including steak!

To find out whether dental implants are an ideal restoration for you, please call our Hill Family Dental team at 801-225-7110. We invite you to schedule your evaluation with one of our experienced dentists, Drs. Jared Hill or Jerel Hill in Orem, Utah. We look forward to helping you create the beautiful, confident smile you deserve!