Important Dental Insight on Dental Damage Prevention

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Although it is highly recommended to always brush your teeth on a daily basis, it is equally recommended to adjust your lifestyle habits to avoid dental damage that can arise. A single oral accident or injury can devastate your smile and erase years of hard work. It is important to make sure you always take the necessary steps to protect yourself against dental damage in all its forms.

Depending on your smile, a heightened risk of dental damage can occur due to your teeth naturally growing in. Your wisdom teeth are the last of adult teeth that will grow in and can cause numerous oral health risks when they do. Not only may they not be growing in properly, but they may also alter your smile and lead to crossbites. They can also cause tooth decay, infections, and place additional pressure on your other teeth.

Dental damage in the form of oral accidents or injuries is extremely common in sports. Because of the fact that your teeth can be damaged in a single blow, it is important to always have the necessary safety gear in place to ensure any blunt trauma that you have received minimizes the damage to your teeth and gums. Always use the appropriate safety equipment, including mouth guards and face masks.

Protecting your smile often consists of avoiding unhealthy habits such as tobacco and drugs. By smoking and chewing tobacco, you place your teeth at a higher risk for dental damage and can even cause tooth loss and or oral and throat cancers. The same can be said for drug use. Furthermore, the use of mouth jewelry, including lip or tongue rings, can cause a litany of issues including oral inflammation, nerve damage, cracked or chipped teeth, and infectious diseases.

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