Saving Your Smile: Dental Bonding

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If you should ever suffer an oral health ailment or a downturn in the look of your teeth and gums, they may be able to cosmetically enhance them through the use of a dental bond. Dental bonding treatments are cosmetic dental improvements designed to conceal and protect damaged teeth. Benefits of dental bonds include the following:

– Oftentimes, dental bonding treatments can be used as cosmetic alternatives to amalgam fillings when you need to repair decayed teeth with composite resin materials. This is because they are tooth-colored in appearance and can blend well with your natural smile.

– Dental bonding treatments are highly effective for repairing chips and cracks to improve the appearance of your teeth. They can even be used to help close spaces between teeth and make teeth look longer.

– In certain situations, you may find yourself wanting to change the shape of teeth. Dental bonds can prove to be effective.

– Dental bonds are extremely durable and can last up to 10 years.

– Bonds are known to be helpful for root protection because they can protect a portion of a tooth’s root that may have been exposed due to gum recession.

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