The Basics of Dental Sealants

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Dental sealants have been a favorite treatment used on children to prevent cavities and tooth decay for numerous years. Did you know, dental sealants can be used on adults too? Yes, it’s true! If you are prone to cavities, then perhaps dental sealants are ideal for you.

Our team is pleased to offer dental sealants at our office here in Orem, Utah, and we’re excited to share with you the basic understanding of them, so you can know if they are right for you. Here are the basic facts on dental sealants:

– Dental sealants are a very thin, clear coating placed on the back of your teeth to prevent cavities. They are typically placed on the molars (or premolars) since they have many grooves in them where debris can gather.
– Dental sealants can last up to ten years before a replacement is required. These can easily be replaced.
– Studies have shown that children with dental sealants are three times less likely to develop tooth decay on teeth protected with dental sealants.
– For adults, these are typically placed if there are no fillings or sealants already placed, or if you are at a higher risk for dental caries, typically when you have deep grooves in your teeth.
– When you wear a dental sealant, your tooth enamel is protected from bacteria and acids that can damage your teeth. If there is buildup of debris or bacteria, then these can help protect your teeth from any further growth or infection.
– Because dental sealants are clear, the natural color of your teeth can still show, and no one will see your dental sealant is applied.
– According to several medical studies, tooth decay risk is lowered by eighty percent when a dental sealant is applied.

The process is very simple; the tooth is first thoroughly cleaned by one of our hygienists. The tooth is then washed and dried to prep for an acidic solution. This is placed on the surface that has deep grooves and then rinsed off immediately. This creates a bondable surface by creating microscopic roughness than the rest of the tooth enamel surrounding the area. Having a small patch of rough area will allow the sealant to stick better.

Your tooth is dried again, and then the liquid dental sealant is carefully placed and hardened with an ultraviolet light. Once hardened, it completes the process of placing a dental sealant!

Dental sealants can be applied within one visit, so you or your child can return back to your regular schedule in no time. If dental sealants sound like they can help you, or if you are in need of a dentist, please call us at 801-225-7110 to make an appointment. Our team at Hill Family Dental is happy to review your teeth and see if dental sealants are right for you. Our goal is to make sure you and your smile are at its healthiest, so be sure to give us a call today!