What’s up With Your Canine Teeth?

A typical adult human mouth has 32 teeth which come through by the time you hit puberty, around 13 years of age. This includes the incisors, canines, premolars, molars, and wisdom teeth (third molars which come in around age 18). Today we're going to talk about the canines, those pointed eye-teeth, or cuspids, located next to your incisors. They are... read more »

Foods to Stock Up On After a Tooth Extraction

If you, a child, sibling or spouse are getting ready to have a tooth extraction, you almost certainly will want to know what foods to stock up on and what foods to avoid for a few days. As you might have guessed, soft foods are the right choice. Here are some examples: Smoothies: Mix some fresh fruit like strawberries, mangoes... read more »